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Tomorrow's World, Today.

With systems that are fully flexible the applications are almost unlimited. From small onsite installations to grid scale projects, remote or inner city locations, all are achievable with HydroStar’s flexible technologies.



Supplying Hydrogen for aquaculture, gas replacement for turbines, ammonia production, fabrication, heating, energy storage and energy exchange, fuel for hydrogen fuel cell equipment.

COMMERCIAL & Industrial

Supplying Hydrogen into food manufacturing processes, steel manufacturing, methanol production, glass manufacturing, binding of chemicals and pharmaceuticals, back-up power sources for remote areas or disaster zone relief.


Hydrogen's versatile applications in low carbon shipping offer port operators a viable solution to meet diverse fuel needs, while ensuring rapid refuelling and charging through innovative hybrid metal hydride, fuel-cell, and battery systems.


Flexible & distributed H2 production, Behind the Meter

Here at HydroStar, we have developed a technology that enables companies and Governments to tap into low-cost Hydrogen, without sacrificing any of the facets of the ‘Energy Trilemma’ and when we say low-cost we mean 25% lower than market price. With that kind of pricing structure the business model becomes a ‘no-brainer’.


Still have questions?

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